About your agent - 


Eastside native Francis Huynh has assisted individuals buy and sell homes ranging from $145,500 to over $3.6 million.  From Lakewood to Monroe; no property is out of the question.


"Years ago I was told that a Real Estate Agents success should be measured by their clients peace of mind before, during and after their Real Estate Experience.  The skill sets required, and the ability to transform the client’s desires into fruition, is a fraction of what I should accomplish for my clients".

Francis was extremely familiar with the local area; prior to starting his career as a Buyers Agent with the previous Deol Group of Avenue Properties.

Prior to becoming a Real Estate Agent - Francis spent his early 20s as a Jazz Saxophonist;  while working as a early member of Advanced Mobile Notary.

Francis has been involved in over 4 thousand Real Estate related transactions - including but not limited to (Home Loan Purchase, Sale, and Refinance).  This allows him a rare insight on the home loan process; as well as a in depth understanding of Real Estate related contracts.

Francis' previous occupation allowed him to interact with thousands of Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Loan Originators, and Escrow Closing Agents; carving his place into the local Real Estate community.  There he developed a foundation of outstanding customer service, organizational and communication skills.

He is an avid Outdoorsman; spending nearly all of his vacation time outside searching for trophy fish.  Because his father is a well established Automotive/Marine technician - Francis also loves Cars, Woodworking, and Welding.


Contact our team if you are looking for a professional; with a passion for community, family and the military.